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Social Suicide - Broken Pilgrims - Vinyl LP (2011)

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The debut album Broken Pilgrims of SOCIAL SUICIDE brings press murmurs up and against the wall as the most promising post-hardcore shit we've seen in a while. Norway's premier music channel Lydverket named them, "Norway's new hardcore hope" and Norway's New Music Daily wrote, "In short, Broken Pilgrim's the hottest, most explosive and catchy metal / hardcore punk album for a long time in this country. Swear!"

Sure, they represent the new wave of kids schooled in underground hardcore testing to the same vein of great bands preceding them. But to be frank, hearing this band in a sea of ​​"crabcore", haircuts, or double zeros is as goddamn refreshing as the dew from Mount Hermon. It's due time for a band like this, and the revival of LA- inspired screamo/hardcore in Norway fortunately for us, has come with less of the LA and more of the hardcore.

Track list:
1. Mail From The Watchtower
2. Death Of New Kings
3. Harlots And Prophets
4. Broken Pilgrims
5. Martyricon
6. Fallen Angels
7. 5th Man On A Dead Man's Grave
8. Let The Waves Come
9. Enemy Cave
10. Rodeo III
11. The Last Martyrs