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Sights & Sounds - Monolith (2009)

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The debut full length album from SIGHTS & SOUNDS will be released on Redfield Records. Produced by Devin Townsend (Darkest Hour, Misery Signals, Bleeding Through), Monolith is a collection of intricate songs that straddles the line between sonically massive and a beautiful experiment in textured sounds. The result is an exceptional album full of post-hardcore and punk influences, placed seamlessly over hints of far-eastern melodies - creating songs that are as aggressive as they are imaginative.

Citing bands such as Mew, The Police, Sigur Ros and Lifetime as influences, SIGHTS & SOUNDS is able to create something that is as much music as it an incendiary celebration of life and friendship. “The inspiration for the songs comes from life experience, current events, literature, poems and from reflections on the human condition,” explains Adrian, who adds “The other guys in the band bring so many different creative elements to the table that the energy around us when we are together is both towering and vast.”

Featuring members of notable bands such as Comeback Kid, Sick City and Figure Four, SIGHTS & SOUNDS is comprised of a unique and talented group of musicians with a collective knack for creating music that is refreshing and interesting. Their acute dedication and musical capability is evident both in their live show and on Monolith, and these qualities are bringing SIGHTS & SOUNDS to the attention of audiences worldwide.

Track list:
1. Sorrows
2. Shudder, St Kilda
3. Storm and the Sun
4. The Clutter
5. Neighbors
6. The Furthest Truth
7. Pedal Against The Wind
8. Night Train
9. Reconcile
10. Borderlines
11. Subtle, Severe
12. Sorrows II
13. Pillars
14. Untitled