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Parachutes - The Working Horse - CD (2009)

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The German music scene rarely experienced such a hard working band as the Parachutes. Since 2004 the five-piece from South-West Germany has cruised more than 300 times all over Europe. No matter if they deal with ramshackle or narrow stages in small and muggy youth centres or large concert halls, they play them all - no distance is too far for them!

Sweaty and with a dirty smirk on their bloodied faces, they’re raising their fists against all music-butchers and are not afraid of their own development. Along with their powerful live presence, the previous longplayers “Vultures” (Redfield, 2008) and “And I won’t stop until you’ve lost everything you ever loved” (Lockjaw, 2006) have established their standing as one of the greatest bands in Germany’s hardcore-music scene.

If you rattle through the list of bands with which the Parachutes have shared a stage, it’s like reading a “Who Is Who” of the international emo-, screamo, hardcore-, whatever-scene, which just speaks for the band’s variety as well as: Underoath, Taking Back Sunday, Rise Against, Silverstein, The Used, From Autumn To Ashes, Caliban, Callejon, Alesana and so many others that you’d need too much space to name them all.

With their third longplayer “The Working Horse”, the Parachutes are presenting themselves with a rougher, dirtier, darker, but also more mature sound. From the first second on the eleven songs pump adrenaline through your veins. Intensive and enriched with a load of rock-appeal, the Parachutes are fielding their new horse.

Track List:
1. My Children Will be Giants
2. Thrones
3. Rough Tracks For Roughnecks
4. Dead Lights
5. The Watchers Report
6. I Won ́t Miss A Part Of This
7. How Are You Feeling, Jimmy? Like A Mean Motherfucker, Sir!
8. Get Bitches Or Die Tryin'
9. Fleshwounds And Fireworks
10. Failing A Cure
11. The Working Horse