Kochkraft durch KMA - Alle Kinder sind tot - Vinyl LP (Orange) - Redfield Records
Kochkraft durch KMA - Alle Kinder sind tot - Vinyl LP (Orange) - Redfield Records

Kochkraft by KMA - All Children Are Dead - Vinyl LP (Orange)

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The "white edition" of the album is released on orange vinyl with white screen-printed cover sleeves. It is limited to 400 copies.

“All Children Are Dead” can be read in two ways. On the one hand: People are ruining the planet, fighting each other and working towards their own extinction. But also: the inner children are dead, people forget what it means to be a child. Less gruesome, but still bad. And why is “childish” even a negative attribute? The so-called “seriousness of life”, the iron hand, comes soon enough, don’t worry.

The album "All children are dead" is an angry statement, but also a production of the child in us. Serious and funny at the same time. Kochkraft through KMA celebrates childlike impartiality and at the same time uncompromisingly combats everything that the world has to offer in terms of narrow-mindedness. With that The album is both thematically and musically the most consistent, most uncomfortable, most energetic and clearest that Kochkraft has produced through KMA to date. The songs were co-written by Großstadtgehisper, Sperling and Leitkegel, and the songs were produced in the Favoriten recording studio and in the Toolhouse Studio with David Maria Trapp.

1 You learn to flood on young mares
2 Influencers hate this trick
3 influencers hate this skit
4 All the children are dead (with sparrow)
5 Mancave (with riffsn/big city whispers)
6 We drive faster
7 Dance with Attitude
8 Moonwalk through the neighborhood
9 Moonwalk Reprise
10 What's going on in there? (with traffic cone)
11 What rhymes with German flag?
12 🖤 = 🐊