KMPFSPRT - Euphorie und Panik - CD (2022) - Redfield Records
KMPFSPRT - Euphorie und Panik - CD (2022) - Redfield Records

KMPFSPRT - Euphoria and Panic - CD (2022)

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The CD edition of the album appears as a stylish digi-sleeve that opens and contains a booklet with all the lyrics.

“Let's start today” was the motto of the legendary GORILLA BISCUITS! And KMPFSPRT are back again and have announced a new album for 2022. “Euphoria and Panic” - once written in the band chat in reference to something completely different, became the album title almost four years later, which aptly captures the two poles of the new songs, but also the general attitude to life of the last few years.

After KMPFSPRT released their fast-paced “10 Songs in 10 Minutes” 7-inch single during the forced break in 2020, the Cologne-based band is now back in full length. And a lot has built up: over 12 songs in 37 minutes everyone gets their fat off, be they lateral thinkers, to whom the first single “Schottergarten Eden” was dedicated, or bands who use punk not as an outlet for rebellion, but as a marketing strategy understand ("Punk has to be worth it again"). Of course, capitalism is still annoying and gets a musical slap in the face with “From Eyewasher to Millionaire”. But KMPFSPRT wouldn't be KMPFSPRT if they didn't put personal stories alongside the big topics. For example, there is “Lion Emoji”, which deals with loneliness after a relationship and is supported by the brass section of 100 KILO HERZ. Or “The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dystopia”, which reflects many a hard time, together with the sensationalism that you sometimes find in your own circle of friends. “Swan Fight” then again casts a critical eye on its own scene and the hero worship, which sometimes turns out to be completely out of place, while the rather dark closer “Rain like the noise of trains” has synth elements and even a short, Black metal blast beat surprises.

1. Shards, stone, paper
2. Punk has to be worth it again
3. From eyewash to millionaire
4. Anti-manifesto
5. Gravel Garden of Eden
6. Lion emoji
7. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dystopia
8. On the shoulders of giants
9. Swan fight
10. No signal