Hippie Trim - Cult - CD - Redfield Records
Hippie Trim - Cult - CD - Redfield Records

Hippie Trim - Cult - CD (2019)

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JOIN THE CULT! HIPPIE TRIM's mixture of pop punk and hardcore, is hard to be found on the European continent. Peers and role models of the five-piece are rarely seen around here. The band takes the freedom to just do what it likes and although influences, creativity and madness sometimes blur in the output, first of all, HIPPIE TRIM are electrifying and catchy. Is the emphatically juvenile scene, although it has become a bit dusty, now in danger that someone is going to take away their pizza?

Not at all. HIPPIE TRIM are not interested in your pizza, your tough guy image and they give flying fuck about the rules of any scene. HIPPIE TRIM are different because their hearts are in the right place and they're just passionately themselves. The debut album 'Cult' is a manifest of a melancholic lust for life and non-conformance – no copied image needed.

Track list:
1. Supersonic
2. Can't Stop
3. Nobody
4. Tools Will Be Tools
5. Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas
6. Blasphemy (feat. Patrick Kindlon)
7. Silver Spoon
8. Join The Cult
9. Wicca
10. All The Same