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Fire In The Attic - Crush/Rebuild - CD (2005)

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Germany's domestic music scene is not exactly suffering from scarcity when it comes to groups of five young musicians rooted in the emo/hardcore genre. It is merely a matter of thinking in stereotypical categories, which keeps talented German bands from gaining the respect and fame they deserve. Foreign bands however, can take sold out shows, flourishing CD sales, ever-growing fanbases and press exposure for granted...

But what if in early 2004 a German band appeared out of nowhere? What if this band manages to sell the first two pressings of their debut EP, which was released in April 2004, in a heartbeat?

What, if five young and devoted guys from Bonn take their chances and are already able to look back on more than 60 shows with bands like Billy Talent, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Water Music, Coheed & Cambria, On the Might of Princes, Standstill and aereograms?

And what, if again these guys succeed in setting up such intense and overwhelming performances, that an audience of more than 20,000 genre-fans and counting is left breathless, while the press is craving for the band to finally release its debut-full length record ?

This is then the striking proof for the band's musical capability, which should be a wake up call for people to free their minds from categorization and underestimation.

Track list:
1. Return To The End
2. Fracture
3. The Progress
4. Varnished View
5. Veritas
6. ctrl+alt+del
7. Abyss
8. Type II supernovae
9. Induced Sleep
10. Dressed In Red
11. There Is No More “Us”
12. With Bare Fists Against Concrete