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FINDER - s/t - Vinyl LP (Black / 2023)

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Limited first vinyl pressing:
100 x black
100 x orange
100 x purple

Always accompanied by a touch of melancholy, each FINDER song forms its own little cosmos. Composed on piano or guitar, FINDER always writes his music the way that feels right to him and transports his modern and classical influences into the musical present. He combines rhythmic diversity with crystal-clear melodies and develops a versatile sound that often goes beyond supposed genre boundaries.

In 2023, FINDER will open the next chapter and bring all of his ideas, thoughts and experiences onto a new album. Powerful, loud, intimate, sad and always from the heart.

Track list:
1. Something broke inside me
2. It will pass
3. Sky wide
4. Let time pass, let time forget (feat. Bloodhound)
5. Euphoria
6. I'll take you with me (feat. TÜSN)
7. You can't keep names for long anyway
8. Heart and head
9. Run away
10. Certainly
11. One word
12. Goodbye