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Eye Sea I - Legend - CD (2013)

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Founded in 2010 in Narva, the post-hardcore outfit at least presents their debut album “Legend”, which was recorded within a whole year at the Estonian Onum Studio. Finally at the end of 2012 the production was finished. These eleven songs have been mixed and mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Wretched, Art By Numbers, Deception Of A Ghost) and singer Serj Kravchenko from Oceans Red is doing a feature in the song “Of Burden”.

Musically this album is dynamic, fresh and full of power. The catchy, sweet melodies of singer Kate alternate with the deep and energetic shouts of frontman Konsta. The band behind plays fast and melodic riffs, which team up with brilliant breakdowns and electronic samples. These guys are playing on a high level, which will get the band a lot of attention above the borders of Estonia.

Track list:
1. Redemption
2. Versus (Lost In Reflections)
3. Howling Like Whisper
4. Idleness//Ignorance
5. Set And Setting
6. Of Burden (feat. Serj Kravchenko from Oceans Red)
7. Visions
9. B3Z
10. Misdirection
11. Innovators, Not Imitators