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Diatribe - In Memory Of Tomorrow - CD (2004)

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DIATRIBE was founded in 1996. After several line-up changes and demos (1997 "Dead Instinct", 1998 "Born to live" and 2001 "The other Side") the band has now found its final formation.

It is difficult to categorize DIATRIBE musically. Characteristic mosh guitars , emotional screaming vocals, authentic lyrics, a groovy and hard-hitting sound, energetic stage acting... all these define DIATRIBE .

With ' in memory of tomorrow' the band is presenting itself with a first class album. Impressive song writing, a lot of force and a good portion of independence distinguishes this album. It was produced by the band itself at the Westwood Recording Studios in Paderborn. Marco Manzo applied the final polishing at the Skyline Studios (Düsseldorf), where bands like Jimmy Eat World, Donots and Waterdown have also mastered their albums.

Track list:
1. Strangle Area
2. Amplification
3. Rapid Eye Movement
4. 4 O'clock In A Chinese Restaurant
5. Cheyenne
6. A Scholar's Confession
7. Evening? But You Always Think Of Dawn
8. Silent Landscape
9. Indigo
10. Heart Attack And Other Unprepared Occurences