Dampfmaschine - Ballerburg - Black Vinyl LP  (2014) - Redfield Records
Dampfmaschine - Ballerburg - Black Vinyl LP  (2014) - Redfield Records

Steam Engine - Ballerburg - Black Vinyl LP (2014)

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The band's real success could never be measured by the usual mechanisms of the modern music industry, but rather by numerous tours and grassroots work since day one. For quite a few people, DAMPFMASCHINE is rightly a cult, because there are no legitimate comparisons in Germany. The sound of the album is as powerful as usual, but pleasantly raw. Back to the roots, even more shock, even more rock. More punk, more madness. No compromise. 12 songs in half an hour speak a clear language. DAMPFMASCHINE has been at the “spearhead of German text madness” (VISIONS) from the start and once again impressively demonstrates this. The avant-garde noise elements have been retained, but “Ballerburg” is rounder and more hit-heavy than ever before. DAMPFMASCHINE also proves that it is possible for truly independent rock music to come from Germany with their third album, which was produced by Robin Völkert (The Now Denial, Dean Dirg) and mastered by Guido Lukas (bluNoise, Genepool, Nicoffeine).

Track list:
1. Ballerburg
2. Steam body
3. Energy
4. Kammermann
5. Massive complaints 6. Babble palaver
7. Makes you mobile
8. Neon yellow
9. Vice
10. Industry
11. Device
12. Tanks