Crash My Deville - Please Glamour, Don't Hurt 'Em - CD (2007) - Redfield Records

Crash My Deville - Please Glamour, Don't Hurt 'Em - CD (2007)

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After their debut album 'The Consequence Of Setting Yourself On Fire' which was released in 2006 via Redfield Records, CRASH MY DEVILLE have matured as a band and are now on the right way to find their own personal sound. With 'Please Glamor Don't Hurt 'Em' the six German musicians from Saarland moved a big step forward. The work at Gernhart Studio - together with producer Martin Buchwalter - really paid off. The injury of shouter Daniel, who gets a strain at the lobe of the lung and had to went to the hospital shows, how intense CRASH MY DEVILLE acted in the studio .

These 12 songs sound just like life feels. CRASH MY DEVILLE go ahead in an incalculable, intense and sometimes also very brutal way. They present you songs, which are arranged in an impressive variety and hardly let the listeners time to breathe. Their sophisticated and diversified songwriting ability doesn't know any compromise in hardness. 'Please Glamor Don't Hurt 'Em' teems with power.

If Beauty and the Beast will ever have a child, its name would probably be CRASH MY DEVILLE!

Track list:
1. Here Comes The Glamour
2. Don't Piss Down Our Backs And Tell Us It's Raining
3. You Sell A Bit Of Composure
4. Ride This Horse To War (With No Shoes On)
5. Sorry, No Personal Convenience Within The Next 4.55 Min
6. The Glamor Pt.I (The Awakening)
7. The Glamor Pt.II (The Departure)
8. The Glamor Pt. III (The Destination)
9. From Sinking Risks And Fast Disgrace
10. Handcuff Rodeo
11. Killing On Our Own Demands
12. How To Write Hope In Times Of Up Heaval