Mutiny On The Bounty - Trials - CD (2012) - Redfield Records
Mutiny On The Bounty - Trials - CD (2012) - Redfield Records
Mutiny On The Bounty - Trials - CD (2012) - Redfield Records

Mutiny On The Bounty - Trials - CD (2012)

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Instead of following the usual schematic of band bios let's ask the opinion of someone experienced, Matt Bayles for example. He not only produced «Trials», the second album of MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, but also records by ISIS, MASTODON, RUSSIAN CIRCLES, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES, THE FALL OF TROY or BOTCH. We can then legitimately assume he knows what he's talking about. «MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY plays technical and accessible indie rock, somewhere between MINUS THE BEAR and THE BLOOD BROTHERS with some elements of post-rock».

So how did a band from Luxembourg (who since the first album has seen line-up changes, with the arrival of a new guitarist from Belgium) end up in the hands of such a reputable producer? The answer sounds almost like a fairytale, MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY simply sent him a link with various tracks and his answer did not take long. It's worth noting that he only tends to work with bands whom he likes the music of and is sure of being able to bring something to the table. During South by Southwest in Austin Texas, the band and the producer finally met in person. The recordings took place in Seattle in the studio of Matt Bayles for one month. The first few days were used for rigorous rehearsal sessions in order to tweak the songs under the watchful eye and ear of their producer.

«Matt Bayles does not make the distinction between a small indie rock band or for example MINUS THE BEAR, everything is done at the same high level, but he expects the same concentration, discipline and determination from the musicians with whom he's working as he wants to be satisfied with the result. Nothing however was ever imposed on us or how to play, on the other hand Matt always encouraged our will to experiment. It has to be said that the songs on «Trials» have gained in accessibility and structure compared to their previous release «Danger Mouth». There is more space for the vocals, but also various effects and different guitar sounds. With these «guitars that don't really sound like guitars» as the band likes to say, Matt Bayles also helped to boost the self-confidence of the band «At the start, we were quite shy, maybe even anxious, which he certainly picked up on but at the same time pointed out that we were under no circumstances any worse than an American band and there was definitely a reason why they were in his studio. For Matt Bayles, in any case, the reasoning is very simple «Mutiny on the Bounty's music combines technical elements, accessibility and atmospheres which are as fantastic as they are unique.»

Track list:
1. The Long Loud Silence
2. North Korea
3. Artifacts
4. Modern Day Robbery
5. Candies
6. Shadow People
8. Fiction
9. Statues
10. For The Men Who Had Everything
11. Shifting paradigms
12. Mapping The Universe