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Death Letters - Common Prayers - CD (2013)

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Duende explains the story behind “Common Prayers”: “In March 2011 I was in a thrift store in Austin, TX. With old guitars from the '20's/30's, classic vinyl singles, but also furniture like old closets, chairs and mirrors. On a closet there was this little red prayer book with a golden cross and the name “Orlene Adams Hill” written on it and on the side it said “Common Prayer”. When I opened it, I opened it on the page (139) where there was a folded piece of newspaper. It suddenly fell out of the book and it really felt like it whirled onto the floor in slow motion.

When I picked it up, I read it and saw that it was the death notice of this woman called Orlene Adams Hill. It had a picture and everything and it was SO beautifully written. After reading the death notice numerous times, and almost being obsessed by it, I started studying the little red prayer book even more. And what I found was all these personal notes on little pieces of paper in the back of the book. I immediately saw that the paper she had written it on was really from the time she lived in (early 1900's). I was completely captivated by this little prayer book, and I couldn't quite get over it that whole American tour. Well, I still can’t get over it, to be honest.”

Track list:
1. Common Prayers
2. We Chant Arhythmically
3. Nomadic Childhood
4. Presbyterian Hospital
5. I Am The Coma
6. That Shady Look From The Party Crowd
7. Omniscient, So You Are
8. Time Or The Satellites
9. The Daughter Of A Diplomat

10. In Lieu of Flowers
11. Common Prayers Epilogue