Bony Macaroni - The Big Bucks - CD (2023) - Redfield Records
Bony Macaroni - The Big Bucks - CD (2023) - Redfield Records

Bony Macaroni - The Big Bucks - CD (2023)

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This 'The Big Bucks' on CD wrapped up in a 4-panel digipak incl. booklet.

“BONY MACARONI are here to make decay sexy and infectious.”

There are not many bands – well, at least there are not enough – that are able to tell their personal story with lyrical depth, while being catchy and not taking themselves too seriously at the same time. The reasons for that are simple: First of all, this is probably THE artistic goal that most artists are striving for and, secondly, it takes more than just musical brilliance, one has to be a good and honest human being as well. It's not an exaggeration to assume that emo poppers BONY MACARONI do the trick. Their debut album 'The Big Bucks' is an autobiographical, anti-capitalistic concept album protesting the influence of 'big money' on our society. It deals with loss and toxic cycles, both romantic and economical – good-humoured and in a VERY catchy manner.

For fans of scene darlings like THE FRONT BOTTOMS, MODERN BASEBALL or THE HOTELIER. But not exclusively.

Track list:
2. MDA
3. The Big Bucks
4. Marissa
5. Grind Me into the Paste
6. (Covered) in Scabs
7. Bombs Away
8. Hollow
9. Disappoint You
10. The Claw
11. The Best I Can Do