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Antillectual - ENGAGE! - Vinyl LP (2016)

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ANTILLECTUAL have taken a completely new approach to creating and perfecting their sound. Not only does the band have the best line-up to date, for the (pre-) production of the new album the trio created an all-star team covering the loud music area from left to right, from poppy to obscure.

Songs are more fine-tuned than before; even more thought and effort is being put in. Of course there is still that typical ANTILLECTUAL flavour. Yet, new toppings and deeper layers have been added, which will be discovered after taking some more bites from the new ANTILLECTUAL pizza. To top it off: BOYSETSFIRE’s Nathan Gray and STRIKE ANYWHERE’s Thomas Barnett make their appearance on ‘ENGAGE!’.

Track List:
1. Priest Without A Religion
2. Europe, This Is Your Final Count- down (feat. Thomas Barnett of Strike Anywhere)
3. I Wrote This Song
4. Racist Rash
5. Change The Standard
6. From Hipster Kids To Hardliners
7. The Players & The Game (feat. Nathan Gray of Boysetsfire)
8. Follow That Bike!
9. Appetite For Construction
10. One Size Fits All
11. Obsessive Cosmetic Disorder
12. All in the Mix