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A Case Of Grenada - Hell Actually Is All Around - CD (2005)

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It's a crazy world - in June 2003 you receive an e-mail from a total stranger and in September that very same year, this stranger already releases your first long player. Some other strangers decide to join the first one and they are soon releasing your LP in England. This again leads to the fact that in January 2004 four totally nonfamous goofballs set foot on British soil for the first time.

These six lines are easily read and very digestible. But, that's the exact opposite of what A CASE OF GRENADA is. H ELL A CTUALLY I S A LL A ROUND a state that perfectly describes the band as well as their new album!

This album takes you to the highest top of this planet just to kick your ass down to the abyss of nirvana a second later. That's where A CASE OF GRENADA wants to see you – it's up to you if you want to join this trip or call 911.

Track list:
1. Dawn on
2. Ouch Ouch
3. Shots Last Longer Last Not
4. I've See The Lights At Stallard Road
5. Audio Mute For You
6. Def Cult
7. Mahou
8. Guilt As A Weapon
9. Sheep, Sheep, Sheep
10. When Oranges Become Juice They're Dead
11. Bucket Full Of Bugs
12. Crash Cars Look Nicer Than Daisies
13. For Life