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For I Am King - I - Gold Vinyl LP (2018)

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First vinyl pressing:
300 x Golden Vinyl

Second vinyl pressing:
200 x Black Vinyl

All sleeves are printed with special gold print and include a download code

The uniqueness of the Dutch metal band FOR I AM KING is best described by the introduction of the new I-factor, a 3.0 variant of the much sought after X-factor.

The I is the ninth letter of the modern Latin alphabet and it has importance in the fields of mathematics and chemistry as well. In addition, I is the symbol for electric power and it stands in abbreviations for international.

With FOR I AM KING, the I-factor (except the I in the band name) lies in the combination of the musical components: modern, complex, furious but always catchy metal with capturing melodies, supplemented by the unique vocals of the front woman and eye-catcher Alma Alizadeh.

But there are also the personally and socially engaged lyrics, the outward appearance (artwork, photos, videos) and especially the explosive live shows that enthuse FOR I AM KING's audiences wherever they appear.

Track list:
1. Prey
2. Forever Blind
4. Misery
5. Invidia
6. In Flames
7. The Reaper of Souls
8. Devotion

9. In Memory
10. Havoc