Alex Mofa Gang - Ende offen - Vinyl LP (Rotbraun / 2020) - Redfield Records
Alex Mofa Gang - Ende offen - Vinyl LP (Rotbraun / 2020) - Redfield Records
Alex Mofa Gang - Ende offen - Vinyl LP (Rotbraun / 2020) - Redfield Records

Alex Mofa Gang - End Open - Vinyl LP (Red Brown / 2020)

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First vinyl pressing:
300 x Black Edition (180g)
300 x Crystal Clear Edition (180g)

Second vinyl pressing:
200 x Neon Orange Edition
200 x Red-Brown Edition

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With “Ende offen” ALEX MOFA GANG tear their protagonist and their fans away from everyday life - all signs point to a new beginning. The far too loud pop band with punk roots continues their journey on their third album.

This takes place not only in the form of records on plates and guitars on stages, but also in the form of a story, the first album trilogy of which is now getting its final part. Singer and guitarist Sascha Hörold explains the trials and tribulations surrounding a literary figure whose musical and literary ambitions naturally also reflect those of the creators: “We tell the story of Alex Mofa. The third album concludes the travel trilogy for the novel 'The Journey to the Mediocrity of the Earth'. But of course Alex is a young man in the here and now. Zeitgeist and political developments influence him, his thoughts and actions. At the beginning of the debut album, Alex moves from the Lower Saxony province to the urban jungle. The record tells of arriving and how his life takes an unexpected turn. Now Alex has to move on. Where we’re headed remains unclear for now.”

A spirit of optimism and a positively excited look into the future - “End Open” is about the feeling of having all possibilities in your hands.

Track list
1. Open ending
2. Behind the facades
3. Everything Robotized (I am in love)
4. Little Sister Megalomania
5. This time
6. Jet fighters
7. First of all, forever
8. It's over
9. Heroes of your youth
10. Night of Gold
11. Man, Ludger!
12. Driftwood