The Ordinary Me - Breathing Is A Reflex - CD (2006) - Redfield Records
The Ordinary Me - Breathing Is A Reflex - CD (2006) - Redfield Records

The Ordinary Me - Breathing Is A Reflex - CD (2006)

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Chaos dominates every beginning. When THE ORDINARY ME started in 2002, they were just the side project of some Frankfurt-based punk rockers. The only thing they had in common? They liked each other and wanted to try something new.

Even though bubble-gum punk rock reigned supreme in these times, it has never been able to express the feelings of a German winter. But which path was the right one for the band? They argued, felt their way through the chaos of ideas, tried something new and finally found a way. They split up with the ones who didn't want to follow and resisted everyone who tried to pigeonhole them. The universe THE ORDINARY ME is located in today emerged from this primordial soup. Walls of distorted guitars spring up like mushrooms, collapse and make room for slightly psychedelic effects, carried by powerful beats. Bass and furious vocals create an atmosphere that could pose a threat to the establishment of this country, just to give way to pure euphoria just seconds later. You might jump into some songs of THE ORDINARY ME. You might want to stand there without a shirt, with your fists in the skies, waving flags that say Life!

The country's rock bands of the moment sing in German? No. The rock bands of the moment – ​​and all moments that have passed since the birth of rock and roll – exhaust themselves on the stages of airless clubs; give the tough guys the goosebumps and the girls a smile on their faces. They've got a bottle of Jack on the Marshall top and no clue how to get home again. THE ORDINARY ME is one of these bands.

Track list:
1. The Swarm
2. Monuments To Sand
3. El Maquinista
4. Hear The Wheels, Feel The Breaks
5. Evacuate
6. Who Cares If I Got Buried Standing
7. Teeth Can't Bleed
8. Anecote Of A Lake
9. Crossing Lines
10. Ambulophobia
11. Sharp Piece Of Paper