TÜSN - Am Ende bleibt dir nichts - CD (2023) - Redfield Records
TÜSN - Am Ende bleibt dir nichts - CD (2023) - Redfield Records

TÜSN - In the end you're left with nothing - CD (2023)

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CD in a lovingly designed digipak plus 12-page booklet.

“In the end you have nothing left” – a fitting album title for a band that prefers to be photographed in black and white and that knows how to put their finger on the wound with their songs.

SPOILER ALERT: Not everything is as it seems at first glance. With the (apparent) view of hopelessness, TÜSN actually directs the focus on the things that are really crucial.

“In the end, you have nothing left but love,” says the title song of the Berliners’ new, third album. This statement doesn't make the sun rise, but it does give the listener a new sharpness in terms of content and music.

With “In the End, Nothing Remains for You” TÜSN is neither calling for a return nor for the relativization of previous works, but instead they are following their path with newfound clarity and freed from doubts.

Track list
1. Now & forever
2. 741 million
3. Blind discs
4. What are you planning to do tonight
5. Let's ruin ourselves heal
6. Navigated
7. In the end you are left with nothing
8. Goodbye
9. Algorithms
10. Rainy day