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Mr. Jan - Something Different - CD (2022)

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Parental Kindiemukke - the finest handmade speaker food for children's rooms and living rooms. On his new album “Somehow different” Mr. Jan focuses on music for the whole family. 13 lovingly arranged songs between singer/songwriter, reggae, hip-hop and pop tell the small and large craziness of everyday family life - sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes crazy and impulsive but always unmistakably Mr. Jan.

Track list:
1. A new day
2. Spring
3. My 5 minutes
4. Something different
5. Because you are important to me
6. Grumpy Bear
7. Hero
8. Gargelkarg
9. The Berserka and her crew
10. Wrong planet
11. Beautiful little things
12. Dad
13. Everything will be fine