MONASHEE Drop Spectacular Third Single ‘Lone Wolf’

In pieces, torn, we'll pray
A path lies in distance, where titans make a difference

A lone wolf tries his fate
A trap, a home, go through it again
In loops we become liars

After the successes of their singles ‘Split’ and ‘Follow The Colours’, that was enthusiastically celebrated by Alternative Press, MONASHEE finally release their third song ‘Lone Wolf’ and enthuse their fans and followers once more with raw energy and their fine feeling for huge melodies.

Seemingly out of the blue MONASHEE appeared on the scene in late May 2018. The alternative metal band celebrated the signing on Redfield Records with the single ‘Follow The Colours’ and since then impresses with songs that are both unique and catchy. In line with their young and modern sound, MONASHEE left their (musical) past behind and rather talk about the present and the future.