HIPPIE TRIM Sign to Redfield Records - JOIN THE CULT!

With great pleasure Redfield Records is presenting the label’s new signing HIPPIE TRIM! After Redfield lately announced new releases by MARATHONMANN and ALEX MOFA GANG, the label is now presenting an absolute newcomer of whom you will look for older releases or other traces on the net without success. 

19.06. DE- Köln, Sonic Ballroom
More dates will be announced shortly.


JOIN THE CULT! They are still out there. The bands that play free from expectations, be it genres or commercial success, who are only themselves at any time and you get the feeling to hold something unique in your hands. HIPPIE TRIM are not trying to meet anyone’s expectations by trying to sound or look like someone else. They are preserving themselves the right to exclusively do what they like and in this way they are recognizable at any time – although in the output the influences, creativity and madness might melt into one another. But is it ok to categorize HIPPIE TRIM? Of course, do what you want – this is what it’s all about! You like to sit on a horse while playing bass (see the clip for ‘Supersonic’)? Do it! You like to get a free tattoo without thinking about the consequences for too long? Come and visit the first HIPPIE TRIM Gathering! 

HIPPIE TRIM who are scattered all over the German Rhine and Ruhr area, are rather described as a boygroup than fueling prejudices against their music with too many genre-typical descriptions. Nevertheless, Drummer Luc Juon can provide a description but it is one far away from genres: “Many flanger- and phaser-dreamy passages paired-up catchy riffs and fiery leads as well as a good pinch of melancholy. There is singing and screaming and over all there is this melancholic sentiment.” Of course, in the sound you can recognize hardcore, (dream) pop, shoegaze and punk but that only proves that just one genre does not live up to this band. However, influences, forerunners or role-models from Germany you won’t find in relation to HIPPIE TRIM but it is legitimate to name bands such as TITLE FIGHT, BALANCE AND COMPOSURE, DRUG CHURCH, TURNSTILE, ANGEL DU$T, THE STORY SO FAR, TROPHY EYES, SUCH GOLD, FOUR YEAR STRONG or even BLINK-182 as influences. 


Signing picture from left to right: Tristan Bäumer, Malte Unnasch, Lukas Andrzejewski  (all Hippie Trim), Christian Biehl (Redfield Records), Moritz Mewes  (Hippie Trim)

Redfield A&R manager Christian Biehl was impressed by the band right from the start: “When producer Aljoscha Sieg from the Pitchback Studios sent us a first song by HIPPIE TRIM it got us hooked right away. A few months later it got followed by a whole album and we got to know these creative musicians better. We are convinced that this band not only has the songs to enthuse the fans of many genres at a time but also the personality and the authenticity. With HIPPIE TRIM all things come together quite naturally which is a total exception for a German band that is playing such an international sound.” There is still a big fat smile on the face of HIPPIE TRIM frontman Malte Unnasch when he thinks about the cooperation that has just started: “We are very thankful to have a label like Redfield on our side. The contact to Redfield Records was established when we were working with Aljoscha Sieg. In them we have found supporters of the Cult, who like to help us carrying our message out into the world. Again, we are incredibly happy and thankful for that.” 



That HIPPIE TRIM call for their own Cult may not seem revolutionary at first sight but it is certainly a serious concern to show to communicate their attitude respectively their belief. And who decided that the revolution cannot be fun as well? Guitarist Tristan Bäumer sums up the Cult: “It is representing our relationship to music and the world in general. We want to be a band that everyone can be a part of. We stand for friendship and solidarity. By our nihilistic approach to life without any specific hopes or plans for the future, we gather as a group to write the soundtrack for the time until the exodus. We do not kill time, we make the best of it. After we have been together for years, in highs and lows, we have come up with a clear point of view, which is to be expressed by words and values.”  

With these principles HIPPIE TRIM have defined their Cult:

Surround yourself with people you love.
Don’t waste time with others. Open your heart and mind for the good.

Life is too short, so spend it well. Waste no time and you’ll be fine.
Don’t argue, just stay cool.

There is no afterlife, so don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Everyone is going to die in the end, just like you.

People are all the same, everyone can be your friend. Love whoever you want and let everyone find their peace

Life’s not always easy.
Don’t get lost in your own struggles. Mental health is an issue that you don’t have to deal with on your own. We’re here for you.