Your Hero - Chronicles Of A Real World - CD (2008) - Redfield Records

Your Hero - Chronicles Of A Real World - CD (2008)

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The band was born in Rome in spring 2005, composed of some members of various young bands who knew each other having friends in common. They decide to start working together with the purpose of creating a new sound, mixing metal and hardcore powerful sounds with melodic influences and catchy refrains.

In summer 2005 YOUR HERO record their first demo with which the band enters the underground scene, starting to get noticed. In the next months the band starts playing live in their hometown catching the attention of two members of Vanilla Sky (an established band in the Italian underground scene) who become interested in professionally working on and producing two brand new tracks for YOUR HERO. This production brings about unexpected results, to the extent that the band starts to get noticed by several – both Italian and foreign – independent labels.

The work causes an artistic growth within the band, who has now reached a good level of maturity in compositing songs and choosing the right influences for their sound. The aim of the band is to create a product mixing aggressive sounds and much more melodic and softer moments, trying to obtain an original product that is pleasant to the ears of both the true underground genre fan and the average listener.

Finally in 2008 the band signs with Wynona Records and with Your Agency Management, releasing the first full-length “Chronicles Of A Real World” in Italy and Japan, where it sold several thousands. Now Redfield Records brings this amazing band to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Select Your Hero
3. Where The Streets End
4. Laying Perfectly
5. A Fire In The Night
6. Seasons
7. Breathing Walls (Interlude)
8. Dancers In The Carillon
9. The Sun Will Come
10. A Kingdom ́s Tale
11. Ugly Spirits (Don ́t Fly)
12. Sognando Immobili
13. Raccontami