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We Set The Sun - V Ages Of Man - CD (2013)

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About two years after the release of their debut album „Christmas Has Been Yester- day“ and over 100 shows in Europe with well-known international acts such as Parkway Drive, Emmure and The Ghost Inside, WE SET THE SUN now present their sophomore album V AGES OF MAN, which completely redefines the band’s sound not least because of their new vocalist.

V AGES OF MAN. A refreshing yet unconventional cocktail of passionate virtuosity, vivid arrangements, dismal melancholy and the love for details as a fundament is what characterizes this album. With the classic line up of a metal band WE SET THE SUN reveals the lifecycle of a protagonist who has to make a mark at five crucial turning points in his life in 40 minutes.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s „The Seven Ages of Man“ the four-piece from Wesel (Germany) created a concept album which is trying to combine the basic ideas of the British poet with modern day society’s structures. On his journey the protagonist faces the turning points faith, love, addiction, hope and death which all have a strong influence on him. With this ordinary but at the same time unique story – embedded in a fitting and wholehearted musical approach - WE SET THE SUN want to point out a universal fate which could easily be yours, too.

Track List:
1. Groundbreaking
2. Souls Of The Unknown
3. Tempest Rising
4. V Ages Of Man
5. All The World’s A Stage
6. Headin' South
7. Giving Up The Ghost
8. When The Tide Goes Out
9. Discomposure
10. A Summer Lay