We Set The Sun - Christmas Has Been Yesterday (2011)
We Set The Sun - Christmas Has Been Yesterday (2011)
We Set The Sun - Christmas Has Been Yesterday (2011)

We Set The Sun - Christmas Has Been Yesterday (2011)

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The name of this German band from Wesel that was founded in spring 2009 tells only half the truth. While their breakdowns are so brutal that not just the sun hides behind the horizon, their poppy choruses shine so bright that listening to their songs almost requires you to put on shades.

WE SET THE SUN signed to Redfield Records in 2010 and are hardly in need of such accessories. The five boys, all of them barely over 18, keep their cool even without sunglasses. Hell, they’re cool enough to admit freely they’ve been influenced by a Katy Perry song on the radio. Anything goes, as long as it’s fun. There’s plenty of evidence of that on the record.

The songs of WE SET THE SUN are full of bold ideas that even after several spins feel as if they’ve just crossed the band’s mind. Yet Fabbe, Thomo, Egon, Tim and Marph know exactly what they’re doing: They’ve worked on the songs of their debut album „Christmas Has Been Yesterday“ (their second release after their „Where Chaos Begins“-EP) for a total of 12 months, 5 of them in the studio. And they’ve had their first taste of success as a band when they were just 14 – that was under a different monicker, though.

Their new name might just be half the truth, but one thing is certain: the sun rises, the sun sets, WE SET THE SUN are here to stay.

Track List:
1. Cody
2. Carved Into My Chest
3. Hitting The Bottle
4. Buried At The Sea
5. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
6. Another Masquerade
7. No More Let Downs Pt. 1
8. No More Let Downs Pt. 2
9. Bros Over Hoes
10. Everything, Except Agony
11. Francisco Pizarro Es El Con quistador Del Peru
12. Christmas Has Been Yesterday
13. Looking Forward (Bonus-Track)
14. She Is So Out Of My League (Bonus-Track)