Vitja - Your Kingdom (2015)
Vitja - Your Kingdom (2015)
Vitja - Your Kingdom (2015)

Vitja - Your Kingdom (2015)

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“Your Kingdom“ is VITJA’s reincarnation, their cleansing, the end of all suffering and all pain. With two new songs (“Your Kingdom” and “Follow the Shadows”) as well as the “Echoes” album-track “Eligia” and a remix-version of “Strange Noises”, “Your Kingdom” is the precursor of their second album “Hellheaven” and therefore the end of a familiar chapter as it is the beginning of a new kingdom at the same time.

A clear vision and visualization of what the band stands for, highly persuading live shows and an all-embracing, undefinable, erratic aura, bestowed VITJA highest attention from day one. This attention firstly peaked in the release of their urgently anticipated debut album "Echoes" (Redfield Records) in December 2013.

Track List:
1. Your Kingdom
2. Follow The Shadows
3. Eligia
4. Strange Noises (Remix)