Vitja - Echoes - CD (2013) - Redfield Records
Vitja - Echoes - CD (2013) - Redfield Records

Vitja - Echoes - CD (2013)

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Every ending implies an infinite amount of power for a new start. When founding VITJA from the ashes of former bands and periods of life, four highly talented musicians smartly exploided this impulse to create something bigger, more challenging and inimitable than everything they had done before in their lives.

A clear vision and visualization of what the band stands for, highly persuading live shows and an all-embracing, undefinable, erratic aura, bestowed Vitja highest attention from day one. This attention may peak in the release of their urgently anticipated debut album "Echoes" in December 2013.

Two insinuating precursors for "Echoes" have been discharged already: The band's resounding single "Conversations" and their extolled music video for "Sleeping in Snow", shot and edited by Ambitious.Films.

Having delivered a matchless studio performance after months of fully focused songwriting, it was top producer Aljoscha Sieg who was chosen to take charge of producing and mixing VITJA's debut album at Pitchback Studios in Cologne. Both parties acknowledged that none of their previous musical projects had even been slightly as acute and complex as creating this album. "Echoes" turned out to be nothing less than a jaw-dropping masterpiece of heavy music on a technical and constructive level hardly ever before reached by a European band.

Track List:
1. Sleeping In Snow
2. Conversations
3. Imageless
4. The Selfish Giant
5. Strange Noises
6. Paralyzed
7. Eligia
8. Beside The Wires
9. Clutch At Straws
10. Through Clouds
11. Nocturnal