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V/A - Boombastic Summer (2020)

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BOOM! Not only that summer is really taking off these days, after a monthlong #stayathome, we slowly can enjoy the return to a bit of normality. We here at Redfield Records would like to say thank you for the continuous solidarity and mutual support in- and outside the music scene with ‘Boombastic Summer’ and at the same time deliver the soundtrack for the oncoming months. The compilation, that can be downloaded for free on our homepage, includes the brand-new REDFIELD ALL-STARS cover ‘Boombastic’, new and unreleased tracks by MARATHONMANN and PHIILOSOPHER as well as hits from the recent range of re-leases on Redfield Records and Redfield Digital.


BOOM! After the REDFIELD ALL-STARS gave the metalcore scene its very own Christmas classic with ‘Santa Clause is Coming to Town’ in 2015, the artist initiative by Redfield Records is finally delivering the adequate track for the upcoming summer months. With the voices of THE DISASTER AREA, WATCH OUT STAMPEDE, FINAL STORY, OF COLOURS and PHIILOSOPHER the infamous SHAGGY cover ‘Boombastic’ is about to be a future permanent guest on the alternative dancefloors.

Track List:
1. Redfield All-Stars – Boombastic
2. Watch Out Stampede – Farewell
3. The Disaster Area – Exile
4. Of Colours – Bleak
5. Final Story – Chasing Myself
6. Phiilosopher – Check
7. Marathonmann – Hinter den Spiegeln
8. Hippie Trim – All the Same
9. Alex Mofa Gang – Alles robotisiert (I am in love) – Live
10. New Deadline – California IPA
11. Dreimillionen – Lucy feat. Jonas Jakob von 8Kids
12. The Pariah – Regression feat. Tobias Rische of Alazka
13. Returner – Making Memories
14. For I Am King – Home
15. Monashee – Great Heat