Team Stereo - s/t (2017)
Team Stereo - s/t (2017)
Team Stereo - s/t (2017)
Team Stereo - s/t (2017)
Team Stereo - s/t (2017)
Team Stereo - s/t (2017)

Team Stereo - s/t (2017)

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Available as CD and coloured Vinyl (clear and white both limited to 100)!

The debut album bears the name of the band, the cover shows the different members melt- ing into a new person – on their first long-player TEAM STEREO introduce themselves self-confident and as a functioning entity of which the separate parts are never more important than the big picture.

Coincidence and the chance to be able to work without any pressure gave TEAM STEREO the possibility to create an album the sounds fresh and feels no need to fulfil any expectations. “The longer we had been working on the album, the more the ideas and the songs had become a part of us. From a certain point it became obvious that we didn’t want to hide behind a title or an incoherent artwork. This is us and we are proud of the results.”

Track List:
1. Cabin Fever
2. Solid Gold
3. Honesty (Without Words)
4. The Pack
5. Doctor Plasma
6. And All That Jazz
7. The City
8. Gotham
9. Fortune Of Sleep
10. Don’t Bother
11. (Not An Hour) Wiser