The Pariah - No Truth - LP (2018) - Redfield Records
The Pariah - No Truth - LP (2018) - Redfield Records

The Pariah - No Truth - Vinyl LP (2018)

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After the successful kick-off with their 2016 EP ‘Divided by Choice’ on Redfield Records, melodic hardcore specialists THE PARIAH are ready to take the European scene by storm with their debut album as well as outstanding live shows and raise the standards for their peers and followers.

‘No Truth’ is released on September 28 on Redfield Records and Silent Cult in the UK. Precursors like ‘Silent Birds’, ‘Surged’ (feat. Brendan Murphy of COUNTERPARTS) or ‘Regression’ (feat. Tobias Rische of ALAZKA) set the uncompromising path but they also hold ready the right dose of catchiness. Paired up technical finesse and a detail-loving but not too polished production, on “No Truth” THE PARIAH know how to underline their uniqueness.


Track List:
1. Second Skin
2. Monolith
3. Hollow At Heart
4. Silent Birds
5. Comfort Zone (feat. Daan Nieboer of 18 Miles)
6. Strangled
7. Awake
8. Dissemble
9. Regression (feat. Tobias Rische of Alazka)
10. Surged (feat. Brendan Murphy of Counterparts)
11. Persona