Parachutes - Blueprints - CD (2012) - Redfield Records
Parachutes - Blueprints - CD (2012) - Redfield Records
Parachutes - Blueprints - CD (2012) - Redfield Records
Parachutes - Blueprints - CD (2012) - Redfield Records

Parachutes - Blueprints - CD (2012)

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In 2011, PARACHUTES had to face the ugly truth and realize that a big chapter for them was inevitably coming to an end. After ten years of touring all over Europe, after almost 400 shows that included supports for RISE AGAINST, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, BOYSETSFIRE, SILVERSTEIN, UNDEROATH or TAKING BACK SUNDAY, after three albums, several line-up changes and the leaving of principal songwriter and bassist Elmar Weyland, the Saarland, Germany-based quintet found that eventually it was time to decide who they were and what they wanted as a band. “We were absolutely running on empty and needed a break so bad, even if we didn’t want to admit it to ourselves“, remembers guitarist Carsten Jung. During the following hiatus, the band members not only caught up on a number of private and professional matters that had taken a back seat in the past, but also used the time off to give some serious thought to what was to become of the band’s future.

“In a situation like that, you wonder whether you really want to keep doing this to yourself“, Jung confesses. In retrospect, the question seems an easy one to answer, though. Guitarist Christian Hunsicker switched to Bass, the two new guys (former Drummer for ROAD TO KANSAS, Stefan Schaus, as well as David Halberstadt, a long-time friend of the band) turned out to be a perfect match, and the rest somehow naturally derived from the lessons of the past: Reducing the pressure on everyone, making better use of the precious hours together in the practice room, opening up to new influences as well as including talent from the band’s environment in the process of creating a record. „In short, we are just totally stoked to be back!“

This, however, is something which pretty much becomes evident after the first run- through of the new album. “Blueprints“ tells the (fictitious) story of architect Nate Anderson and is the courageous effort of a band who has clearly gotten uncomfortable in their skintight genre-corset. “Starting out as a three-chord punk band, we became a three-chord emo/screamo/post-hardcore band and have since evolved into three-chord rock band“, Jung laughingly sums up the musical development PARACHUTES have undergone. “This time, right from the beginning, we agreed that anything goes musically. That is why we experimented a lot more than we did on the previous records. We wanted to be free from all the restrictions that seem to come with being part of a scene, something we had burdened ourselves with over years, I guess. With this album, we didn’t just want to repeat ourselves and do the same thing over again. The idea was to break new ground and create something original, something with a genuine meaning to us.“

Track List:
1. Through The Mist
2. Comas
3. Let Me Build A Bridge And Tear It Down
4. Dark Waters
5. Mirror Universe
6. Cascades Of Light
7. Shard Collector
8. Gezeitenwechsel
9. The Downfall
10. Arcane
11. Javelins
12. Kammerflimmern
13. A Luminous Black