On When Ready - Try Harder (2002)
On When Ready - Try Harder (2002)

On When Ready - Try Harder (2002)

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Since their debut TRY HARDER was released in 2003, ONWHENREADY was all about playing live and after more than 70 shows all over Germany, one could wonder, how these guys managed to produce such a great album. They have played everything from small club shows (e.g. with: Underwater Circus; That Very Time I Saw; The Underwater (USA); Daylight; Seed`n`Feed (IT); Mournful; Ransom; The Ordinary Me; A Case Of Grenada; Fire In the Attic) with hundred people to festivals (e.g. Bochum Total; various campus festivals) with thousands of people.

Track List:
01. The Timeline
02. Summer Sundays
03. Talk A Lot
04. Far Gone
05. Keep In Mind The Bedroom Lies
06. Heart Handling
07. Eyes Closed
08. M-10
09. Come On Out
10. Every Thing
11. Try Harder