Neberu - Point Zero (2016)
Neberu - Point Zero (2016)
Neberu - Point Zero (2016)
Neberu - Point Zero (2016)
Neberu - Point Zero (2016)

Neberu - Point Zero (2016)

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First class deathcore from Germany - available as CD!

“The title ‘Point Zero’ represents stagnation, the ultimate low, it doesn’t get any worse. It’s the point where you have to change something or you’ll drown.” God knows the sun is definitely not shining on NEBERU’s debut album, however the dark concept is enacted so compelling, intensive an detached that it captures the listener right from the start and in the end shows him a way out of the dark as well.

With no doubt NEBERU are proud of ‘Point Zero’ but at the time it’s hard for them to classify it. Calipo tries to describe it the following: “As a band it’s hard to put your own style into words. We’re all no friends of stereotyped thinking and categorizing sub-genres. Maybe it’s just metal. But listen for yourselves and see if you like it – this is the only thing that counts.”

Track List:
1. Legacy /Intro
2. Interiority
3. Obstructor
4. Selfecution
5. Reversal
6. Two Faced
7. Perversity
8. Conspiracy / Skit 9. Inferiority
10. Delusional
11. Anthem / Skit 12. Point Zero