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March - Turn - CD (2006)

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MARCH was a short-lived side project started by singer/guitarist Jeff Caudill and multi-instrumentalist Michael Bains. Caudill and Bains have been involved with many musical endeavors together since the late 1980s. Jeff Caudill, whose indie pop punk band Gameface began making records and touring the country in 1991, crossed paths with Bains again in 1995. They teamed up with drummer Dennis Remsing, a fellow punk-rocker in need of a break from the double time pace of his hardcore band Outspoken, and bassist George Brambila.

In Spring of that year they carved out a dozen jangly gems and released their first and only album, 'Turn'. And just like springtime, they were gone. The band broke up. The record label folded and the album drifted out of print. Until now!

A mixture of rootsy guitar rock and delicate ballads, 'Turn' epitomized the mid 90s 'college rock' era. March proudly wore their heart and musical influences such as REM, Buffalo Tom, and Counting Crows on their sleeves.

A decade later, the album originally released on cassette, vinyl and CD is now reissued and repackaged with new artwork. But the sound will still remind you of late spring when you could sense that things were about to change for good.

Actually Caudill and Bains teamed up again at Jeff ́s first solo-album 'Here ́s What You Should Do' (2005). Bains will support Jeff Caudill on his tour through Europe from 17th to 27th February 2006.

Track List:
1. This River
2. HappyGeeks
3. Bookcliffs
4. Later Heaven
5. Something
6. American High School
7. Decaf Sumatra
8. 90 Seconds
9. Voluntary
10. If You See Me
11. Red Sugar
12. Sleeply