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Jeff Caudill - Here's What You Should Do - CD (2005)

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Born a fortunate son of Orange County California, singer/songwriter JEFF CAUDILL began his musical endeavors straight out of high school as singer/guitarist for influential emo pop punk quartet Gameface. In their thirteen year career they released five albums and a handful of singles and blanketed the US and Europe, earning a dedicated following.

“Leave it to lead guitarist/vocalist Jeff Caudill to come up with another strong batch of songs... his uncommonly emotive vocal presence gives Gameface an approach unparalleled in its field.” - The Big Takeover

His loyal fanbase identifies most with, “Jeff’s sincere vocals and lyrics with the perfect blend of indie pop, melodic rock and subtle country twang...”  - Impact Press

“Caudill comes through with winning, heart-on-sleeve urgency and sincerity that can call to mind Bob Mould, Live or Pearl Jam.” - Los Angeles Times

Two years after the demise of the band, 2005 finds Jeff Caudill settling into his groove as a songwriter and leaves no stone unturned on his first proper solo album "HERE'S WHAT YOU SHOULD DO", which reflects his influences from alt. country to indie rock to power pop.

Track List:
1. Favorite Version Of Your Life
2. Stop Writing Songs
3. Destination
4. Nite Lite
5. Never Been High
6. Then There ́s Me
7. Crazy People Do
8. ChangeEverything
9. Worn Out Welcome
10. GetawayCar
11. My Side Of The Bridge
12. What You Deserve
13. I Just Disappear
14. Stop Writing Songs (acoustic version)
15. American High School