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Heroes & Zeros - Strange Constellations - CD (2009)

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Their debut album 'Strange Constellations' is the result of three years of dedicated hard work and fine-tuning of the trio’s songwriting skills. In a time when media proclaims Armageddon for the music-industry and others claim that the album-format is smothered by downloading of singles and an increasing focus on hits, “Strange Constellations” is proof that you ought to spend more than three or four minutes on an artist.

"Along the way we saw that the album revolved around a lot of feelings and experiences connected to our hometown, a village really, it’s that small. Growing up in a dreary place like that where everyone virtually knows everyone is really different. Boredom, daydreaming, conformity, not fitting in, naïve love stories, secrecy, claustrophobia, typical teenage shit, I guess; but I remember feeling when I was growing up there, that the doom and gloom, so to speak,  was almost more overwhelming because of the pristine and serene surroundings; which is why all of the pictures in the cover are taken in our hometown. The video for our single “A Strange Constellation” was also done on location in our hometown. It was really rewarding working with something we knew so intimately as a background for the entire album" - Hans Jørgen (guitar/vocals) explains.

Track List:
1. Into The Light
2. A Strange Constellation
3. Headlong Kicks
4. Oslo Fadeout
5. The Foolproof
6. The Argument
7. Cellophane
8. Two More Weeks
9. The Thin Line
10. Do This Right