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For I Am King - Daemons - Red Vinyl LP (2016)

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Dutch metal outfit FOR I AM KING, headed by frontwoman Alma Alizadeh, musically represented by inspired and competent instrumentalists, is ready to take over the scene with ambitious but nevertheless catchy tunes and an outstanding live performance.

FOR I AM KING’s long awaited debut full-length ‘Daemons’ takes you through a world of tales and myths. A 37-minute album filled with furious metal riffs, distinctive melodies, vicious vocals and never-ending drum grooves. The band’s message is simple: just metal, based on friendship, work ethic and passion.

Track List:
1. Black Death
2. Breathe The Fire
3. Lost In Divinity
4. the Crone
5. Tantalus
6. Interlude
7. Hades
8. Des-Troy
9. Faust
10. We Must Obey