Flash Forward - Apollon (2014)
Flash Forward - Apollon (2014)
Flash Forward - Apollon (2014)
Flash Forward - Apollon (2014)
Flash Forward - Apollon (2014)

Flash Forward - Apollon (2014)

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After their debut album “Games, Cheats & Fakes” came to life in the shelter of their homes in 2011 (rereleased by Redfield Digital in 2013), it soon became clear for FLASH FORWARD, that they wouldn’t record their sophomore near the place they live, but where they already had been for quite a long time – far away from home. So the band travelled to Berlin to produce the new songs together with Flo Nowak (5BUGS) at the Dailyhero Studio.

While in the early days Pop-Punk had been the measure of things, this musical style is no longer sufficiently describing the ten new compositions. For singer Flo the reason is quite obvious: “The sound and the new songs are more sophisticated, more diverse and arranged more consciously.” As the result of this process, the listener is now blown away by polyphonic Alternative-Rock that isn’t afraid of being compared to international artists and that could easily find its way into support slots of bands like JIMMY EAT WORLD, BIFFY CLYRO and FALL OUT BOY. It’s not only their technical abilities but also their courage for the grand gesture, a combination that is often missed in the German music scene.

The album is called after Apollon, the Roman god of light. But while the protagonist of “Apollon” leaves home to find the light, the meaning of life, FLASH FORWARD are already one step beyond that: Their light illuminates the dark of a concert venue and brightens the faces of their listeners.

Track List:

1. Intro
2. Are You Out There
3. Far Away From Home
4. Mother Earth
5. What ́s On Your Mind
6. World On Fire
7. Waterfront
8. Hold On
9. Irresistible
10. Let Go
11. Back To The Start