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Eskimo Callboy - MMXX - CD (2020)

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Our new EP MMXX bundles all the energy that we can't bring on stage in these strange times, ´ explains Kevin (vocals, keys) from the German metalcore stars ESKIMO CALLBOY.  ´We concentrated on songwriting for 16 weeks with the same passion with which we originally founded the band.´ After the legendary self-titled EP was released 10 years ago, ´MMXX´ is starting a new chapter in the band's history with theirs new singer Nico Sallach (formerly To the Rats and Wolves).

Track List:
A1. Hypa Hypa
A2. Hate/Love
A3. MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)
A4. Monsieur Moustache
A5. Dramaqueen
A6. Prism (feat. Tobias Rauscher)