Death Letters - Post-Historic - CD (2012) - Redfield Records
Death Letters - Post-Historic - CD (2012) - Redfield Records
Death Letters - Post-Historic - CD (2012) - Redfield Records

Death Letters - Post-Historic - CD (2012)

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In September 2010, Death Letters had flown to Austin, the rock ‘n’roll heart of America, to begin recording. They stayed for three weeks in the studio of one of their favourite producers, Chris “Frenchie” Smith, who had previously worked with bands such as And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, JET, The Datsuns and The Dandy Warhols. They weren’t even allowed into the amazing venues Austin has to offer without supervision - drummer Victor Brandt and vocalist/lead guitar player Duende Ariza Lora were just 18 and 19 years old respectively. But Austin made a great impression on them and they felt at home in this raw, hot city.

Their new sound flourished and in March 2011, the guys returned to their beloved Austin for showcases in Austin around SXSW and shows in Chicago and Minneapolis. This was the kick- off for the “Post-Historic Tour”, covering Dutch, Norwegian and German festivals as well as club dates in Finland. In October, they returned to the United States, taking part in the Culture Collide Festival in Los Angeles and the CMJ Festival in New York, and touring the West Cost.

The music on “Post-Historic” has, to a large extent, a completely different ambiance than their first album. In their early years, the band had been hugely influenced by the blues – they took their name from the eighty year old signature song from blues legend Son House, written during the Great Depression of the 30’s. On the new album, punk has a clear presence, but the blues references have now been replaced by a psychedelic post rock sound. “I wrote the first album when I was fourteen and we’ve grown up considerably since then”, said Duende. Bands such as The Thermals, Oceansize, Death Cab for Cutie, Cult of Luna and At The Drive- In were important sources of inspiration for the pair who, since the release of their 2009 debut album have discovered many new sounds and influences.

Track List:
1. Your Heart Upside Down
2. Temporary Frame
3. Death Of The Sincere
4. A Room A Story A Beautiful Memory
5. Post-Historic
6. Control
7. When You Know A Name
8. I Wish I Could Steal A Sunset
9. Fear’s Face
10. A Silent Voice Destroys
11. In Fear Fools Search
12. Pebbles (Bonus Track)
13. Skin & Bones (Bonus Track)