As We Go / Team Stereo - Split (2018) - Redfield Records

As We Go / Team Stereo - Split (2018)

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Limited magenta-coloured 7“ (only 250 pieces) in DIY produced sleeves, hand-numbered and with individually stamped labels. With download code.

TEAM STEREO and AS WE GO pick up the concept of a joint release and turn it into the ultimate tribute to friendship and the punk spirit. For both bands it has always been the simple joy of making music that was the most important and some friendships within and in-between the bands are lasting more than two decades now. AS WE GO as well as TEAM STEREO released their debut albums in 2016 and they have supported each other at shows since the early begin- nings. So nothing here is forced or long thought out, it’s the complete opposite: This was about damn time!

On the new EP TEAM STEREO leave in parts behind the more massive punk rock sound of their self-titled debut album (Redfield Records, 2016) and take a determined turn on emotional alter- native rock that isn’t just wallowing in nostalgia, it invites bands like BASEMENT and SAMIAM to the party in equal measure. AS WE GO from Cologne know their origins well and express them musically as well. The ingredients are the same as for their debut ‘Stumble & Stand’ (Redfield Digital, 2016) but the implementation gets more and more sophisticated. The band that is cele- brating its fifth anniversary this year as well, is leaving no doubt that punk rock is still refreshing and relevant, when the heart is in the right place and everyone can sing along.


Track List:
1. As We Go – City
2. As We Go – Brothers
3. Team Stereo – Not Loving You
4. Team Stereo – Standards