Antillectual - Together - CD (2023) - Redfield Records
Antillectual - Together - CD (2023) - Redfield Records

Antillectual - Together - CD (2023)

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CD with Digipak and 12-page booklet.

Antillectual states that only TOGETHER it is possible to address current global problems; Ukraine can’t defeat Putin on its own, nor can climate change be beaten without worldwide support. Similarly, the band prefers a Do It Together instead of a Do It Yourself attitude.

The band asked a group of friends in the music industry to work together on this album. Without partners like these, and of course the support of their audience, the band and its releases would be nowhere. Lastly there’s togetherness on the album itself: even though the tracks were written and recorded in batches and some were released digitally, Antillectual wanted to put all of them together on a physical release.


Track List:
1. Together
2. The Invisible Hand Meets The Visible Fist
3. Action Reaction
4. From City To City
5. Othering
6. Heads You Win, Talls We Lose
7. Fever
8. Support Bands
9. If You're Not Outraged
10. Helping Hands