Anchors & Hearts - Deathlist - Vinyl LP (2024) - Redfield Records

Anchors & Hearts - Deathlist - Vinyl LP (2024)

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First Vinyl Pressing is limited to 327 mint coloured copies with downloadcode included.

ANCHORS & HEARTS will release their fifth studio album on March 1, 2024, worldwide via Redfield Records. "Deathlist" promises a musical and emotional rollercoaster with a distinctive sound.

The Hamburg-based band successfully confirms their status as one of the few European rock artists that can seamlessly blend powerful and modern guitar sounds with catchy melodies and memorable singalongs into infectious hits.


1. Deathlist
2. Wasted Lives
3. Never Thought
4. The Everlasting
5. 999
6. I Will Rise
7. Rising Tide
8. After All
9. Lost Without You
10. Fake Friends
11. Call Me A Mascot