Abandon All Ships - Geeving - CD (2013) - Redfield Records
Abandon All Ships - Geeving - CD (2013) - Redfield Records

Abandon All Ships - Geeving - CD (2013)

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Debut album 

Hailing straight from the club district of Toronto, Canada, Abandon All Ships are six proud guido's who spend their time pumping fists, breaking noses and making music. Completely turning the modern music scene upside down with their unique mix of hardcore, euro and dance, they spent 2009 heavily touring North America on the release of their self-titled - self released debut EP.

Later in 2010 their debut-album “Geeving” was released through Universal Music Canada and Velocity / Rise Records. Now German based Redfield Records is bringing the full-length to Europe.

The album peaked at number 27 on the Canadian Hot 100, and number 16 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. The album's lead single “Take One Last Breath”, which was featured at the Vans Warped Tour Compilation 2011, managed to peak at number 5 on the Canadian Rock Charts and number 65 on the Canadian Pop Charts.

A music video directed by Davin Black premiered on MTV's Headbanger's Ball. The music video for the album's second single “Megawacko 2.1” was premiered on MuchMusic.

Track List:
1. Bro My God
2. Geeving
3. Megawacko2.1
4. When Dreams Become Nightmares
5. Strange Love
6. Family Goretrait
7. Guardian Angel
8. Structures
9. Heaven
10. Take One Last Breath