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Parachutes - Vultures - CD (2008)

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A lot of bands can scream their souls out of their body, but PARACHUTES new record combines heart, emotions and aggression, which drives that mixture to a whole new level. No room for breathing, just a completely powerful performance from start to finish.

Within the first seconds of the opener 'Fists up and boots off motherfuckers', the listeners feel like kissing a hurricane raging on class 5. Thanks to the sophisticated songwriting of the five German musicians there is no calm in sight.

It feels like being trapped in the eye of the storm. A force of nature you will love. The whole record is filled with Parachutes love for melodies and melancholy and is used as a link between aggressive rock and hardcore.

Track List:
1. Fists up and boots off motherfuckers
2. Flatlines
3. March of the machines
4. Vultures
5. Ignorance is bliss
6. The spell
7. Buckle your belt Dorothy cause Kansas is going bye bye
8. I’m a steamin’ son of a gun
9. Throw the towel! Throw the damn towel!!!
10. Neverender