The Noise of Summer 2018

The Noise of Summer 2018

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The World Cup is over and someone won it – YEAH, GO TEAM! 

To save you from the now starting, inevitable summer slump, we here at REDFIELD RECORDS and REDFIELD DIGITAL are proud to present to YOU ‘The Noise of Summer’ a free download compilation containing 24 songs by 24 bands of our current roster. 

Streams on YouTube, Spotify and any other platform are available as well. Dig into this amazing playlist and enjoy some beautiful noise this summer!

Take a look at the pre-orders and limited releases by LIVING WITH LIONSREVAIRA and ALL FOR NOTHING in our shop and watch out for new music by FOR I AM KING, THE PARIAH, THE DISASTER AREA, MONASHEE, TEAM STEREO and AS WE GO in the oncoming months.