Eskimo Callboy - Eskimo Callboy EP - CD (2011) - Redfield Records

Eskimo Callboy - Eskimo Callboy EP - CD (2011)

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For ten years, the six musicians of Eskimo Callboy wandered through this cosmos called „Rock Music“, until they found each others in 2010. Rumor tell, that spirits had their part in the game, when the present concept first took shape musically. The song "Monsieur Moustache vs. Clitcat" represented the initial spark to what Eskimo Callboy represents today, according to their own statement: “Danceable porn-metal, with a pinch of psychedelic glam rock!“ This catches on, turns on and scandalizes. Sometimes.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Monsieur Moustache vs. Clitcat
3. Antichrist Sex Pornstyle
4. Hey Mrs. Dramaqueen
5. Prom Night
6. Outro