Revaira - In Between - CD (2018)
Revaira - In Between - CD (2018)
Revaira - In Between - CD (2018)
Revaira - In Between - CD (2018)

Revaira - In Between - CD (2018)

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Buy the debut full-length of REVAIRA and get an immediate MP3-download of the whole album.

Digipak with 20-page booklet.

After over a year of hard work REVAIRA are furiously back with their first long-player ‘In Between’. As the first precursor the modern metalcore band from Hamburg, Germany releases the track ‘Recovery’ and makes it unmistakeably clear that the first two singles successes ‘Revive’ (2016) and ‘Crescent’ (2017) were no lucky strikes and the praise in advance, that REVAIRA got throughout the Net, was not exaggerated or arbitrary. Aljoscha Sieg from the Pitchback Studios (i.a. ESKIMO CALLBOY, NASTY, ANY GIVEN DAY), who accompanied the production process of from the beginning to the end, euphorically approves: “I’ve never had the chance to mix such an amazing banger. For me this is the album of the year!”

1. Anima
2. Recovery
3. Crescent
4. Placebo
5. Alluvial
6. In Between
7. Waste
8. Pulse
9. Aporia
10. Stranger
11. Smother